The fermentation process

This constitutes the most delicate phase of our activity; several months of fermentation are necessary to obtain a quality cider. To do so, we use a climatized fermenting room and about forty vats.

First step : the pre-fermentation clarification.

After the pressing, and during one to three weeks, the juice clarifies naturally due to the jellyfication of its pectin and the forming of a thick brown head on the surface.
The success of this spontaneous clarification participates to the refined taste of the cider. The limpid juice is then extracted in another tank.

At this point, the alcoholic fermentation hasn't begun yet.

Second step : the first fermentation.

After the extraction, thanks to the yeast the juice naturally contains, the cider begins his first alcoholic fermentation (the yeast transform the sugar into alcohol).
This first fermentation usually is tumultuous and must be slowed down considerably after one or two weeks.

In order to do so, a second extraction and a filtration or a centrifugation are necessary.

Third step : the second fermentation.

The previous operations of clarification and the coolness of the fermenting room allow the slow-down of the fermentation. Then, it's the beginning of the second fermentation, which lasts four months at least.
The subdued fermenting activity allows the development a large and complex aromatic palette.

It's a challenging period that needs a very regular follow-up of the organoleptic evolution (taste, smell, texture, colour) of the various vintages.