The elaboration of our ciders

From the apple to the glass of cider...

We work with over a hundred of suppliers who deliver us high-quality fruits picked at optimum ripeness. The apples, most of which are old varieties, come from traditional orchards not farther than 20 km from the cidrerie. Such a supplying allows not only the obtention of a cider with complex flavours, but it also participates to the protection of biodiversity and bocage landscape.

Each apple variety possesses particular gustatory characteristics.

They are usually classified in 4 main groups :


Sweet apples

Bedan Rouge, Petit Doux, Doux de la Nouette, Pied Long...

Bittersweet apples

Noël des champs, Bedan Blanc, Douce Moën,…

Tart apples

Locard Blanc, Rouget de Dol,…

Sour apples

Avrolles, Locard Rayé, Petit Jaune,…