Coat-Albret in the Guide du Routard 2016
26 February 2016
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Coat-Albret in the Guide du Routard 2017

The Guide du Routard still loves Coat-Albret!

In the Bois d’Albret cellar, Loïc Berthelot, a cider maker, produces a pure juice cider, elaborated according to the traditional methods. The apples come from suppliers whose orchards are near from the cidrerie. After the blending work (more than 40 varieties are used in the composition of the ciders) come a long and meticulous fermentation work, which gives the Coat-Albret cider its famous – and gold medal winning – gustative qualities. Fruity, semi-dry, hard… we have a penchant for the elegance of the “fruity”! One can find this cider in some local supermarkets, and in many nice restaurants in Rennes.